If you had asked me 15 years ago what I’d be doing now, I never would have guessed that I’d be helping people to buy and sell homes. Back then, when I was married with two small children, I was on a totally different track. -I ran my own private counseling practice in Carmel. I worked with people who were experiencing really tough situations, especially with substance abuse. I had become state certified for this and felt like it was genuinely my calling to help them make it through some of the roughest parts of their lives.

During this time, I also worked as the general manager for the construction company that my husband and I owned. Among other duties, I helped to find residential properties for the company so we could do new builds as well as remodels.

Life was going great for me and even after my husband and I divorced, I was doing really well as a single mom of two boys, still happily running my counseling practice. Then, everything changed one day. I was driving home and suddenly hit head-on by another car that had swerved into my lane.


Thankfully I survived the accident and managed to recover. Even after seven surgeries and two grueling years on crutches I was able to work though all of the ups and downs of my experience. It was hard to manage because not only was I in pain and in a constant cycle of recovering from one surgery or another, I also had two young sons to care for. I knew I needed to get better for them, as well as for myself.

I eventually came to see that being in and out of the hospital for those years was actually a blessing, as hard as it may seem to believe. It gave me a tremendous work ethic and is what led me to the Sacramento region where I would be able to provide a wonderful life for my family. It also allowed me to recover to the point that I could ride horses again competitively, something that has been a lifelong passion of mine. The horses were also part of my healing process. They have been a life saver and got me strong and mentally back on track.

After the accident, Carmel ceased to be affordable for me. I started looking around and the Sacramento region was still very reasonable. So, I moved my boys and my horses, dogs and cats here. I suppose we looked a bit like Barnum and Bailey Circus coming to town! It seemed like there were opportunities in the area—I was looking for a change and a way to support my sons who were 10 and 12 years old at the time. So I went with my gut and made that big move.


Then I met a woman at the Equestrian Center in my new hometown. I got to chatting with her and she said that with my background and personality, I should be a real estate professional. I looked at her riding at 10am on a weekday and thought, “You’re right!” That woman turned out to be a well known real estate agent whose name was synonymous with equestrian property in the Placer area. I got my license right away and after getting a “boot camp training” while working for two builders, I went into business as an independent real estate agent. I have worked with some of the best companies in the region and have received the very best training all along the way.

Recently, I decided to strike out on my own and created Sturgis Realty Group. I’ve been able to draw upon my past experiences as a real estate professional, as a manager for a GC firm and especially as a counselor to make this happen. In counseling you are assessing people and their needs so working under my own name now makes it easier to continue with my dedication and passion for helping people. In general, becoming an agent more than 15 years ago has given me the invaluable freedom to be a hands-on parent and to go to both of my sons’ functions. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without taking that leap and moving to the Sacramento region.

As part of running my own real estate firm, I’ve partnered with an exciting and innovative agency that allows me to focus on how I believe my clients should be served and offer more services to them. Doing this means I can continue to get to know and help people in one of the most important decisions they’ll make in their life.


Also, it feels good knowing that I can provide better service by working under my own name and my own principles. I’m excited to now be building a real estate business based on service that will last for years to come.

I care deeply about my ‘people’ and the outcome of their transactions. I have a genuine passion for helping people while always being honest and showing integrity. My work ethic means that I am dedicated to doing what is in my clients’ best interest. I’m a skilled negotiator that has often kept deals on the table that started to fall apart and I’m able to negotiate the highest price for my sellers. I enjoy working with people in all situations—from first time buyers to those that are seasoned investors.

If you work with me you need to know that I am the type of real estate professional that is always working to find the best solution for YOU. There is no way I could have been a Masters Club member for so many years or have been awarded the Five Star Award in Sacramento Magazine without being of true service to people like you, who are looking for a trusted advisor to guide them during what is often the biggest and most emotionally charged decision of their life.

I want you to pick a real estate agent that’s the right fit for you. Even if that’s not me, it won’t risk our friendship. When you or someone you know is in need of a licensed real estate professional, I ask that you give me the opportunity to demonstrate my services and interview for the job. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I greatly appreciate it and hope that I can earn your business should you ever need an agent.